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Can you install a log burner in a conservatory?

Log burning stoves used to, and continue to be, the heating heart of many rural homes and have become increasingly popular in more modern houses over the last decade too. Stylish, cosy and in some cases more cost-efficient to quickly heat a room, they create a fantastic atmosphere in any space they’re in. 

But can you install a log burner in a conservatory? 

Here’s a look at why you would want to, and whether or not it’s practical to do so. 

Why install a log burner in a conservatory?

There are two main reasons why most homeowners would want to install a log burner in a conservatory – for the look, and for the heat!

Log burners create an incredibly cosy atmosphere and are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine on a quiet evening whilst overlooking the garden. 

They also give off a lot of heat, especially more modern log burning stoves which continue to radiate warmth even after the logs have burnt through. 

Most conservatories for planning purposes aren’t connected to the home’s primary heating system, so log burners are becoming an increasingly popular choice over an electric radiator or oil heater – especially as energy prices continue to soar. 

Can you install a log burner in a conservatory?

Most of the time, yes! 

Domestic log burners don’t require planning permission and can quite easily be installed in most conservatories. It’s usually recommended that you install the stove against the wall of your house to support the flue which can then pass through the conservatory roof. 

It’s highly advisable to get a professional installer to assess and carry out the work, both to make sure it’s compliant with building regulations, and also that you’re not potentially compromising the safety and structure of your conservatory. 

Is a wood burner the best way to keep a conservatory warm? 

Even if you install a log burner as the primary way to heat your conservatory, you will still struggle to keep it warm – especially if it tends to get freezing cold each winter before. 

That’s because the most common conservatories, with either polycarbonate or glass roofs, are often poorly insulated. Heat can easily escape, so even if your new log burner gives off a lot of heat to begin with, it will quickly be lost. And unless your garden backs onto a forest, logs aren’t cheap to buy either! 

To maximise the efficiency of your log burner, you’ll want to ensure that your conservatory is properly insulated.

Read more: Is conservatory roof insulation worth the investment? 

At Sagars, our conservatory roof insulation can be installed in one day and is so efficient at keeping warmth in, that many homeowners reduce energy bills by 25%.

It works by fixing foil quilt insulation panels to the inside of your conservatory roof, finished in either fresh pvc or plaster to give your conservatory the feeling that it’s a proper extension to the rest of your home. 

What’s more, our insulated conservatories are quieter in the rain, and stay cooler in the summer months too. 

Learn more about the benefits of insulating your conservatory roof here. If you’re still thinking about installing a log burner in your conservatory, then why not complete the upgrade by insulating your conservatory roof at the same time?

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