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DIY Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Flooded with natural light with a fantastic view of the garden, your conservatory is likely one of your favourite spaces in the home.

However, without the proper insulation, often they can become overheated in the summer, or cold and damp during the long winter months, meaning a space that can only be enjoyed for half of the year. 

Conservatory insulation has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners to improve the livability of their spaces, with the added benefit of helping to reduce heating bills too! But to save costs, some will try and DIY an insulation project themselves. 

The issue is that, without the right training and years of experience working on conservatory insulation, you could be doing more harm than good – and your conservatory is a valuable and expensive asset.

conservatory roof insulation after - uPVC

How To Insulate a Conservatory Roof

Timber, insulation, screws, drills, ladders and sealant are just some of the materials and tools required to complete conservatory roof insulation. These can be tricky things to source but are essential in obtaining a successful outcome. 

Unlike the professionals in this field, the DIYer would need to source these things for the first time and only use them once. Unless you’re able to source the exact quantities of the materials you require, there can be a lot of waste that isn’t usable for a different project.

When considering performing a DIY conservatory insulation installation, the DIYer must self estimate the quantity of material for the job. Due to lack of experience in the field it is likely this estimate will not be accurate. If this is the case the DIYer may be left with excess material which can prove costly to dispose of. On the other hand, they may have underestimated their material needs, which will then require additional material to be sourced. Without adequate transport for this material the DIYer will have to arrange for a delivery of additional material, halting progress on the DIY conservatory insulation project until the additional material arrives. This inconvenience will also be coupled with any additional delivery and material cost, further retracting from the perceived cost saving of performing this installation yourself.

Unless you’re experienced, you’ll most likely run into complications and need spare materials, sourcing these and resourcing them can become quite costly in a short amount of time. Not everything is included in DIY conservatory roof insulation kits.

How Do You Insulate a Conservatory Roof Yourself

There are some really simple ways you can better insulate your conservatory that shouldn’t cause many issues. Simple draught excluders around the door are easy, cost-effective and will make a bit of a difference during the colder months. 

But more comprehensive attempts at conservatory insulation can cause issues. 

First, trying to block out the sun’s rays in summer and retain a bit more heat in winter through heavy curtains or ceiling blinds will work for a while. But if your conservatory is already struggling with dampness and condensation, then you could see mould start to form. 

Another approach is to stick a thermal insulation layer to your existing roof structure. This will help avoid some heat loss, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing approach!

The more drastic DIY approach is to attempt to fully install a multi-layer foil insulation system yourself, finished with PVC panels or render. 

All sounds great, but there’s a potentially very costly catch…

DIY Internal Conservatory Roof Insulation

When it comes to DIY conservatory roof insulation, the potential risks that come along with it may outway the benefits.

Professional installers have experience and training, ensuring that the job is done correctly. DIY attempts might result in subpar insulation, reducing its effectiveness and potentially causing issues like heat build up. This can not only be extremely uncomfortable but in time, this heat build up can be detrimental to the structure of your conservatory and eventually, cause the whole thing to warp and fall down all together. Of course this is only something that happens if the insulation is fitted incorrectly but the skills needed to recognise a problem and know how to fix it are essential. 

Most professional jobs are completed in less than a day and all waste is taken by the installer. But if this is your first time installing conservatory roof insulation, it can be a time-consuming task especially if you’re doing it on your own, which is never a good idea. 

Working on a roof can be dangerous, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. Falls from height are a significant risk, and without proper safety precautions, you could be putting yourself at serious risk of injury.

You can read more about the pitfalls of trying to DIY your conservatory roof installation here, at our blog.

Use Insulated Roof Panels To Insulate Your Conservatory

The main reason why people take on a DIY project themselves, even on the scale of insulating a conservatory, is that they think getting a professional company to do it properly will be too expensive. 

But that’s not the case. 

At Sagars 365, our conservatory roof insulation projects start from as little as £1,999 + NO VAT. 10-month finance options are available and installations are typically completed in just one day. 

Conservatory roof insulation works by fixing our multi-layer foil insulation quilt to your existing roof structure and then finishing off with either PVC panels or fresh rendering.

The result? A room that looks and feels like an extension of your home, a space that’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter, AND our customers tell us they save up to 25% on their heating bills!

The other important benefit of getting a professional to insulate your conservatory instead of a DIY attempt is that, at Sagars, all our work is guaranteed for 10 years. 

Take a look at our hundreds of 5* Trustpilot reviews here. If you’re new to the idea of insulating your conservatory roof specifically, then here are the great benefits of doing so.


Can I insulate my conservatory roof myself?

Yes it is possible, but is it worth it? Unless you're a professional, chances are something will go wrong, it might only be a small mistake but certain knowledge and skills are required in order to spot mistakes, know why they occurred and know how to fix them. A 1 day project could turn into weeks of correction.

Can you insulate a conservatory roof with bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a good insulator, the layer of the trapped air creates a barrier, preventing warm air from leaving the building. Although bubble wrap can insulate, we recommend to only use this as a short term solution.

Can I use kingspan for a conservatory roof?

Yes, kingspan is a great insulator especially for a conservatory roof. It is essential that these boards are cut to the exact size and shape of the roof panels though.

What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory roof?

If you're looking for an affordable and effective solution, internal conservatory roof insulation by Sagars 365 is the way to go. This can be completed in less than a day and includes a 10 year guarantee!

How do I stop heat from coming through my conservatory roof?

The reason for heat escaping through the roof is due to poor insulation. Sagars 365 can insulate your conservatory roof in less than a day, keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer.

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