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Does conservatory roof insulation cause condensation?

One of the questions the Sagars team often get asked when speaking to homeowners about making their conservatories more energy-efficient is whether or not conservatory roof insulation causes condensation. 

Here’s the short answer – no, and it will help to alleviate any condensation issues your conservatory currently has! 

But let’s take a look at what causes condensation in conservatories, and how insulating your conservatory roof can help. 

What causes condensation in conservatories?

Condensation in conservatories is caused when water vapour builds up inside your conservatory when the temperature starts to cool. This can happen if your conservatory is not as well ventilated as it could be, and the condensation happens when that water vapour makes contact with your glass conservatory windows. If you wake up in the morning and your conservatory windows are wet or dripping, then this is why! 

A bit of moisture on the windows in itself isn’t too much of an issue. But if a lot of moisture forms and it drips and pools in your window sills, then issues can start to take hold.

Why is conservatory condensation a problem?

Having to occasionally wipe down your conservatory windows might seem just a bit of an inconvenience, even if it’s making your soft furnishings feel damp to touch, it can lead to larger problems for both your conservatory and your health. 

Condensation if left unchecked leads to dampness, which is both aesthetically unpleasant but can also be harmful to children and the elderly and can result in health issues such as lung and respiratory conditions. 

There are a few quick fixes you can test to see if they help to stop the condensation from forming. First, make sure your conservatory is well ventilated by leaving a window slightly open for a few hours each day. Also try and refrain from drying your damp laundry in the conservatory, especially during the winter months, as this will only add to the moisture in the air. And, even though we love to make our garden rooms feel like a tropical paradise, having too many plants in your space can exacerbate the issue too!

Does conservatory roof insulation cause condensation, or help to stop it?

Back to the big question, this article is all about – does conservatory roof insulation cause condensation?

As we said at the start, the short answer is no. Roof insulation in your conservatory can help to mitigate condensation problems you already have and stop mould forming. 

But how?

Sagars tried-and-tested foil quilt conservatory roof insulation method with either a UPVC or rendered finish works to allow moisture to escape whilst keeping the warm air inside your conservatory. This dual action helps to keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round. And with warmer air being better retained inside your conservatory thanks to the roof insulation, condensation cannot form and stops wet windows and troublesome mould from forming.

And stopping condensation is only one of the many benefits of installing conservatory roof insulation! It also helps to cool your space during the baking hot summer months by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, and also creates a quieter space when it’s raining too. 

Have a look at some of the many benefits of insulating your conservatory roof here

If your conservatory already has a condensation problem and would like some advice on how better insulation could help, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss – completely free of any obligation to buy. We’re happy to help! 

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