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Why you should bring natural light into your home

Your home is your sanctuary, your safe place, and often where you spend most of your time. So, bringing more natural light into your space seems like an obvious decision, but if you’re not already sold, maybe you will be after reading a little more about it, and then we will share our favourite ways to draw more light into your home.  

Natural light has long been credited as a cure for many things. It can help improve your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles, it can boost your Vitamin D, and it can also help you to feel happier – really! Natural light can make us more productive, more focussed, and feel like we have got it all together. There’s a reason so many of us suffer from SAD in the colder and darker months!

So, that being said, here are some ways that you can introduce more natural light into your home. 


Adding reflective surfaces or mirrors in your space is a great way to welcome in additional natural light. Place mirrors on the wall opposite a window and experiment with how you make the space feel lighter or bigger depending on the placement.

White walls

White walls and ceilings are a great way to bring in more light, and to enhance the natural light in the space. Not only that, but you will make it feel bigger and more airy, perfect for basking in the light and the sun!

Plenty of plants

Natural light and plants go hand in hand, so get yourself to the garden centre and adorn your space with plants and pots! They will help to purify the air, and some of them even welcome in more natural light – fancy that.

Spring clean

Keep things clean throughout with a particular focus on windows and glass to keep that light streaming in. A minor job, but one that will have brilliant effects, we promise.

Creating a sanctuary 

If you have a conservatory, you may want to kit it out to be your own sanctuary and source of natural light. If you find it to be too hot or too cold, you can look at introducing some conservatory roof insulation to make it a more comfortable space to spend your time. Roof insulation for conservatories can make all the difference, so instead of sitting in an accidental-sauna, you can make your conservatory your safe space and sanctuary, bathing in all of that natural light!

If you want to find out more about how to upgrade your conservatory through roof insulation, you can get in touch with us to find out more. We have decades of experience and a trusted team, to help you get an insulated conservatory roof. 

Call us or get a quote and let’s find out how we can help. 

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