Sagars 365 transformative Conservatory Roof Insulation

Sagars has been transforming homes across the North with our revolutionary conservatory roof insulation for over a decade. We’re the number one on Trustpilot and Google, and recommended by 100% of our Which? customers. We can’t wait to transform your conservatory next.

And with our flexible finance options and 10-year guarantee, you could enjoy your transformed conservatory sooner than you may think - and for many years to come.

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Why conservatory roof insulation?

Our conservatories used to be the pride of our homes. But due to cheap materials and poor insulation, often they can become too hot, too cold, or too damp to regularly enjoy. A bolt-on to the back of the house used for storage and nothing much else. 

Sagars is changing that.
A cost-effective, long-lasting change
Without the expense of a new extension or replacing the entire roof, we’re transforming spaces with our revolutionary conservatory roof insulation and lightweight roof tiles.

In just one day, with no mess or planning permission needed, we will transform your conservatory into a warm, cheaper-to-heat, true extension of your home. 
Truly the leading company in this space
The Sagars family has over 25 years experience insulating conservatories. If you've seen a conservatory being transformed in your local area, there's a good chance that was us.

Over 670 delighted homeowners have rated us as Excellent on Trustpilot, and we hope your home could be next.
Cooler in Summer
Sagars365 insulation keeps your conservatory comfortably cool during hot weather.
Warmer in Winter
Insulation ensures your conservatory stays warm and cosy during the colder months.
Expands Living Space
Roof insulation transforms your conservatory into a practical extension of your home, usable in all seasons.
Quick & Clean 1 day Installation
Insulation keeps your conservatory comfortably cool during hot weather.
Cut Heating Costs
Insulation retains up to 90% of heat in winter, slashing your total heating bills by as much as 25%, according to our latest customer survey.
Home Resale Value
Upgrading with Sagars365 insulation makes your conservatory usable year-round, boosting your property’s market appeal.
Improves Acoustics
Sagars365 insulation effectively soundproofs your conservatory from weather-related noise and enhances internal acoustics.
10 Year Guarentee
Enjoy your transformed conservatory for decades to come. A cost-effective solution, built to last.

Transform your conservatory, inside and out

Sagars are unique in that we can transform the look and feel of your entire conservatory roof, inside and out, to make it look and feel like a brand-new structure.

With our conservatory roof insulation inside, you’re reducing your energy bills and producing a much more comfortable environment year-round. 

And with our EcoSlate365, you can transform the look of your entire conservatory from dowdy polycarbonate to premium-looking slate tiles. 

It’s entirely up to you how far you’d like to go with your conservatory transformation! Start with the conservatory roof insulation, or, insulate your conservatory ceiling and transform the roof at the same time. 
PVC Finish
A simple, traditional white PVC finish to your conservatory roof insulation. Our most affordable style.
Plaster Finish
Clean and modern. This smooth finish will make you space feel like a brand new extension - without the pricetag.
With EcoTile365, you can transform the outside of your conservatory too with our lightweight slate-effect tile.

You’re only a few steps away from a conservatory you can be proud of

1. Request an appraisal & quote
Discuss your transformation options with one of our professional surveyors and get a quote based on the size and style of your conservatory.
2. Choose your transformation
Choose from different ceiling finishes including plaster or uPVC, and if required, choose our additional EcoSlate365 external roof finish too.
3. Installation day
Our full-time team will arrive in a Sagars van (you'll know it's us!) and in most cases will complete your transformation in just one day - no mess.

Rochdale, Lancashire

A stunning transformation including our conservatory roof insulation with plaster finish.


A fresh finish for this homeowner with conservatory roof insulation and white PVC panel finish.

What our conservatory roof insulation customers have to say

We don’t filter the reviews you can see below. They’re 5 stars because we genuinely care about delivering for our customers. We take pride in our work, so you can have pride in your conservatory. 

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Conservatory Roof Insulation

Your most frequent questions, answered.

What is conservatory roof insulation?

Conservatory roof insulation involves enhancing your conservatory with a layer of specialised insulation that is installed directly beneath the existing roof structure. This modification is designed to regulate temperature, reduce noise, and increase the usability of the space throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions. The process helps to transform a conservatory from a seasonal room to a comfortable, year-round living space.

How does conservatory roof insulation work?

Conservatory roof insulation works by applying a high-performance, multi-layered insulation material beneath the interior surface of the conservatory roof. This layer acts as a barrier to heat transfer, effectively keeping heat out during the summer and retaining warmth during the winter. This layer of high-performance insulation is then finished with either fresh white PVC panels or plaster.

Do you need planning permission to insulate your conservatory roof?

Generally, insulating your conservatory roof does not require planning permission as it is considered a permissible development. However, if your home is listed or located in a conservation area, you may need to consult your local planning authority to ensure compliance with specific regulations. Our friendly team can advise. 

Why do homeowners look to insulate their conservatories?

Homeowners choose to insulate their conservatories to improve comfort, enhance energy efficiency, and increase the usage of the space throughout the year. Insulation helps to maintain a consistent temperature, mitigating the extreme hot and cold conditions typically experienced in conservatories, transforming them into practical, everyday living areas. Fancy a new home office, dedicated gym space, or a snug with a view? Then conservatory roof insulation can make that happen! 

Is conservatory roof insulation cheaper than the alternatives?

Conservatory roof insulation is more cost-effective compared to alternatives like a complete roof replacement, the installation of new double-glazing, or a brand new conservatory! It provides a budget-friendly solution with substantial benefits, such as improved thermal performance and reduced energy costs, without the need for extensive structural changes.

What do homeowners who have insulated their conservatory roofs say?

Over 700 happy homeowners on Trustpilot report significant improvements in the comfort and usability of their space after insulating their conservatory roofs. Many reviews highlight the reduction in temperature fluctuations and the ability to enjoy the conservatory all year round. Satisfied customers also note the reduction in external noise and the overall enhancement in the living quality within their conservatories.

How long does conservatory roof insulation last?

Conservatory roof insulation is designed to be long-lasting, with the Sagars365 system guaranteed for 10 years with a lifespan well beyond this. Proper maintenance can also extend the longevity of the insulation, ensuring it remains effective for many years.

Will conservatory roof insulation save me money on my energy bills?

Yes, by improving the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, roof insulation can help reduce the need for additional heating or cooling, which in turn can lead to significant savings on energy bills. Our customers report they save an average of 25% on their heating bills after conservatory roof insulation has been installed!

How long does it take to insulate my conservatory roof?

The conservatory roof insulation process typically takes about one day, although this can vary depending on the size and specific design of the conservatory. The installation is designed to be minimally invasive, allowing most homeowners to enjoy their newly insulated conservatory without significant disruption to their daily lives. 

Can I choose my insulated conservatory roof finish?

Yes! You can choose what finish you would like, including new PVC panels of fresh plaster for that new-build-extension feel. We can also install new or maintain existing light fixtures, work around ceiling fans, and include skylight gaps to allow more light though.

How can I start my conservatory transformation?

Simple! Just download our brochure and request a quote. One of our friendly, family team will reach out to discuss your conservatory and, if you’re happy, arrange a free appraisal and quotation. And with flexible interest-free finance available, there’s no need to delay!

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