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Conservatory Roof Insulation Panels

Replacement conservatory roof insulation panels are an affordable alternative to a solid tiled roof. By replacing your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof panels or conservatory glass roof panels with insulated ones can reduce energy bills and make a more energy efficient home. Unfortunately it can also change the look and feel of your conservatory from the inside and out.


Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

These solid conservatory roof insulation panels are usually made from lightweight aluminium and packed with insulation to achieve a barrier, preventing heat from entering the conservatory through the roof in warmer months and leaving the room in colder months.

However, it can be a lengthy and expensive process. Unlike internal conservatory roof insulation, your existing conservatory roof panels will need to be measured exactly and accurately, all before ordering and installing the insulated panels. If these measurements are taken incorrectly, it could cause massive delays in actually getting to enjoy or even experience your investment.
Conservatory Roof Insulation Panels Cost
Although this option is a cheaper alternative to a solid tiled roof, if you’re looking to have your conservatory roof insulated, replacement panels are definitely the more expensive option. The variety in these insulation panels can also be limited to the same finish with no choice for different options that suit your conservatory best.
With Sagars 365 conservatory roof insulation, you can choose between either a uPVC finish or a plaster finish allowing you to personalise your investment to what suits you and your home.

As well as creating a more energy efficient and sustainable home.

Replacement Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

If you’re thinking of having replacement insulated conservatory roof panels, definitely expect a big change. This process involves actually removing the existing panels in your conservatory and replacing them with new ones, so the look and feel of the conservatory will be different and may not fit in with the theme of the original structure. Unfortunately, the waste accumulated during this process, with actually removing the existing panels, contributes to landfill and therefore directly contributes to global warming.

When you choose internal conservatory roof insulation, all work is done exclusively from the inside so the roof looks exactly the same from the outside, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in a new and comfortable way, without the added waste.We want you to be able to make a clear and informed decision about what’s best for you, read about our expert conservatory roof insulation or call 0800 015 3004 today to discuss your options and get a free no obligation quote.

We’ve also answered some commonly asked questions to help make things a bit easier for you.
Are insulated conservatory roof panels any good?
Insulated conservatory roof panels can improve your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your energy bills and better for the environment. They can be installed in a day but definitely aren't the most affordable or effective way of insulating your conservatory roof.
How much difference does an insulated conservatory roof make?
We conducted a survey with our customers that have our insulation installed, the results were incredible. A staggering 58% of our customers have seen their energy bills reduce by more than 25% following their Sagars 365 conservatory roof insulation. Not only does it reduce you energy bills, it also keeps you warm during winter and prevents overheating during summer, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.
What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory?
A lot of people think that installing conservatory roof blinds is the most affordable way of insulating a conservatory but even we were surprised that the average cost of these blinds is £4,525. For a more permanent, efficient and affordable option, we recommend Sagars 365 conservatory roof insulation.
What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory?
A lot of people think that installing conservatory roof blinds is the most affordable way of insulating a conservatory but even we were surprised that the average cost of these blinds is £4,525. For a more permanent, efficient and affordable option, we recommend Sagars 365 conservatory roof insulation.
How much heat is lost through a polycarbonate conservatory roof?
Polycarbonate is actually reasonably good at keeping heat in in the winter, however the way that a conservatory is designed, heat is lost through all the gaps and the biggest gap is in the peak where a brush, or foam insert is the only thing stopping heat escaping as it's designed mainly to stop debris blowing in Sagars solution insulates and seals al the air gaps.

Your choice of conservatory roof insulation panel finish

Sagars are unique in that we can transform the look and feel of your entire conservatory roof, inside and out, to make it look and feel like a brand-new structure.

With our conservatory roof insulation inside, you’re reducing your energy bills and producing a much more comfortable environment year-round. 

And with our EcoSlate365, you can transform the look of your entire conservatory from dowdy polycarbonate to premium-looking slate tiles. 

It’s entirely up to you how far you’d like to go with your conservatory transformation! Start with the conservatory roof insulation, or, insulate your conservatory ceiling and transform the roof at the same time. 
PVC Finish
A simple, traditional white PVC finish to your conservatory roof insulation. Our most affordable style.
Plaster Finish
Clean and modern. This smooth finish will make you space feel like a brand new extension - without the pricetag.
With EcoTile365, you can transform the outside of your conservatory too with our lightweight slate-effect tile.

You’re only a few steps away from a conservatory you can be proud of

1. Request an appraisal & quote
Discuss your transformation options with our family team and get a quote based on the size and style of your conservatory.
2. Choose your transformation
Pick from conservatory roof insulation, different ceiling finishes including plaster or uPVC, and choose our additional EcoSlate365 external roof finish.
3. Installation day
Our full-time team will arrive in a Sagars van (you'll know it's us!) and in most cases will complete your transformation in just one day - no mess.

Rochdale, Lancashire

A stunning transformation including our conservatory roof insulation with plaster finish.


A fresh finish for this homeowner with conservatory roof insulation and white PVC panel finish.

What our conservatory roof insulation customers have to say

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