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Do you need a conservatory roof insulation kit?

A DIY conservatory roof insulation kit typically comprises insulation, fixings, tape screws and staples. To proceed with a DIY install, the DIYer will also have to source timber, cutting and fixing tools, measuring tools, ladders and a finishing material to cover up the insulated interior roof which is not included in these kits.


Foil Quilt Conservatory Roof Insulation From Sagars 365

The insulation included in conservatory roof insulation kits is usually an expanded-foam style solid board insulation such as Kingspan or Xtratherm PIR board (polyisocyanurate). Kits including solid foam insulation are more difficult to install than alternatives as the PIR board must be accurately cut to fit to the angled panels of a multi sided conservatory.

The other form of insulation found in these kits is a blanket style insulation. This insulation typically comprises a reflective outer blanket filled with multiple layers of foil and foam which combine to provide a very insulating material. This multifoil blanket typically compresses to less than 10mm and provides the same insulative properties as an equivalent PIR board 10 times thicker than the blanket. This blanket is easier to install than the solid form as the blanket can be used to wrap the ceiling rather than having to be individually measured and cut for each slope of the conservatory.

Blanket style insulation is what we recommend at Sagars 365.

How Do I Insulate My Conservatory Myself?

Skills are needed to successfully implement one of these kits and every aspect of the installation must be accurate and exact or it could cause a lot of problems. From wasting materials and condensation to the possibility of swelling / warping of the structure of the conservatory which can lead to needing a whole new roof all together.

Joinery or building skills and experience in panelling / plastering are essential for the successful installation of conservatory roof insulation. As well as the knowledge of the safe usage of power tools and specialist equipment used for cutting, fixing and finishing.

The installation of conservatory roof insulation is a difficult process for someone that doesn’t have specialist experience and could cause a lot of short term and long term issues so it’s definitely a job for the professionals.

With Sagars 365 conservatory roof insulation, it can be installed in less than a day with minimal disruption, and waste unnecessary spending. We also offer a 10 year guarantee so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your installation, we can fix the issue at no extra cost for the next decade!
Can you insulate and plasterboard a conservatory roof?
Yes we actually offer the option between a cladded upvc finish or a plaster finish. A thing to note is that if any of the process goes wrong, be it the insulation or the plastering, it can cause condensation build up. It's best to leave it to the professionals.
How can I keep my conservatory warm in winter?
There are many solutions for staying warm this winter, for example investing in thermal blinds and triple glazed windows. But in a conservatory, the roof is mostly responsible for heat loss, with around an 80% average of heat escaping through the roof. That's why we recommend conservatory roof insulation for a more effective and permanent solution.
How much does it cost to insulate a conservatory roof?
Prices from Sagars cost from £1,999. This includes our multi-layered foil quilt system, as well as a new ceiling finish to complete the look and feel of your room. As always, the cost depends on a number of factors, including the size of your conservatory, the shape of your conservatory roof, and also any additional requirements such as installing new lighting. No matter the size and shape though, a typical conservatory roof insulation cost range spans from around £1,999 to £4,500 (here at Sagars, we don’t charge any additional VAT!).
Does conservatory roof insulation work?
Yes, when done professionally. Infact, our customers have reported over a 25% decrease in their energy bills since our insulation, leaving them with an energy efficient room that can be used all year round! If you're thinking about how to insulate your conservatory yourself, it’s vital to make sure it's done properly, if not, it could lead to conservatory roof condensation and actually cause the conservatory roof insulation not to work.

Your choice of conservatory roof insulation panel finish

Sagars are unique in that we can transform the look and feel of your entire conservatory roof, inside and out, to make it look and feel like a brand-new structure.

With our conservatory roof insulation inside, you’re reducing your energy bills and producing a much more comfortable environment year-round. 

And with our EcoSlate365, you can transform the look of your entire conservatory from dowdy polycarbonate to premium-looking slate tiles. 

It’s entirely up to you how far you’d like to go with your conservatory transformation! Start with the conservatory roof insulation, or, insulate your conservatory ceiling and transform the roof at the same time. 
PVC Finish
A simple, traditional white PVC finish to your conservatory roof insulation. Our most affordable style.
Plaster Finish
Clean and modern. This smooth finish will make you space feel like a brand new extension - without the pricetag.
With EcoTile365, you can transform the outside of your conservatory too with our lightweight slate-effect tile.

You’re only a few steps away from a conservatory you can be proud of

1. Request an appraisal & quote
Discuss your transformation options with our family team and get a quote based on the size and style of your conservatory.
2. Choose your transformation
Choose from different ceiling finishes including plaster or uPVC, and if required, choose our additional EcoSlate365 external roof finish too.
3. Installation day
Our full-time team will arrive in a Sagars van (you'll know it's us!) and in most cases will complete your transformation in just one day - no mess.

Rochdale, Lancashire

A stunning transformation including our conservatory roof insulation with plaster finish.


A fresh finish for this homeowner with conservatory roof insulation and white PVC panel finish.

What our conservatory roof insulation customers have to say

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