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How to make my conservatory more energy efficient?

If you have a conservatory, chances are that the title of this post is one you have Googled many times before; how to make my conservatory more energy efficient? If you haven’t, maybe it’s been in the back of your mind, but, either way, we have some answers for you. 

Conservatories are a great addition to your home, they give you an extra room, and the chance to feel like you have the outside inside, with natural light and a connection to the outdoors. But, the negatives can often outweigh the positives, with conservatories being hard to heat, hard to cool, and acting as a huge energy leak within the home. 

The good news is, there are a few different options for increasing energy efficiency in your conservatory, so we will jump right in.  

A Pinterest-worthy room

This one isn’t as off-the-wall as it sounds. Adding soft furnishings to your room can really help soak up some of the energy costs – so adding things like rugs and cushions, curtains and more, can help to insulate a room. It’s not the best solution out there, but if it gives you a chance to change things up in your room and create yet another Pinterest board, who are we to judge?

Blinded by the light

Blinds are a sister-option to the Pinterest board, and there are lots of options out there that mean you can save energy and money with a simple switch in your home. Again, they’re not the most effective form of insulation, but they’re one of the options available!

Flooring first

Changing up your flooring in your conservatory is a viable option to protect it against the elements – both hot and cold! Flooring systems can be expensive, but if you’re looking at how you can make it more energy efficient then it is one to consider. We’re thinking of flooring insulation here, rather than underfloor heating!

Insulation station 

Insulating your conservatory roof is one of the best ways you can save energy and money on your conservatory. By installing the conservatory roof insulation, you can protect your home against the chills of winter and the swelter of summer, all through the panels that can be expertly installed on the roof. An insulated conservatory roof creates minimal mess, takes less than a day to install, and can be used with existing light fittings to maintain that Pinterest-look we mentioned before.

At Sagars365, we are experts in the last option. We offer conservatory roof insulation solutions for our customers so that they can enjoy their conservatory all year round, and not have to worry about sky high energy bills, or cooling a room that is uncomfortable in the summer, to say the least. 

We are proudly based in the North, born and bred here, and serving our customers across the surrounding areas. 

Our solution is rooted in saving energy and money, and offering a more comfortable place to live and thrive within the home. If you want to find out more about our conservatory insulations, please get in touch with a member of the team and we will be more than happy to help.

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