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How to turn your conservatory into a bar

We’ve all been missing going round to the local, or into the city, for our favourite beverage. Will be back enjoying ourselves and socialising with our friends eventually.

In the meantime, have you thought about using your conservatory, you know that one you spend all that money building, to recreate the experience by turning it into your very own bar? After all, at least for now, why not turn staying in, into the new going out.

Pick a theme

Your first task should be choosing a theme for your bar. Perhaps you’d like it to resemble your traditional local pub, or to have an art-deco style cocktail lounge feel, or a Club Tropicana style vibe with a custom neon sign.

Be specific and have a good idea in your head of what you are going for. Look online for some ideas, Pinterest is always a great source for inspiration. Don’t be afraid of using bold colours to really bring your space to life.

Oh, and give your bar a name. All good bars/pubs need a name.

Colour Changing LEDS

Lighting is key! Colour changing LEDs are a really great and cost-effective way of making any space look more dynamic. With all that glass, conservatory’s can be lacking a little in colour, and LED strip lights can really bring the space to life.

They can be easily fitted via their self-adhesive to the ridges in your conservatory, or to shelves or furniture. Go for ones that can be changed with an app on your phone for ease – Govee would be our suggestion for a slightly more cost-effective option to Philips Hue.

Turn wine corks or bottle caps into art-work

Upcycling is all the rage these days. There are some incredible pieces of art that have been created using wine corks and bottle caps. Now, I’m not suggesting that we are all capable of creating things quite as impressive, but why not try your hand at a craft project to add to your conservatory bar that really puts a unique stamp on it.

Some more novel ideas we’ve seen include turning bottle caps into poker chips, and turning wine corks into key holders, and turning old bottles into lamps or candle holders. Get creative.

Please drink responsibly and build up your collection of corks/caps/bottles over time rather than all in one go.

Bar Area

For a really cost effective and rustic look, wooden pallets can be used as a bar counter. Varnish them or add some paint to spruce them up. The great thing about this is that is can be taken out into your garden when the nice weather hits too.

Add shelves or a cupboard to store your liquor, or if it’s not possible to fit shelves then perhaps look at getting a caddy – this way it could simply be rolled back into the kitchen. Try and decorate with items that will make your bar look authentic to really make your bar feel like the real

Roof Insulation

The last thing you want is a constant struggle of having to try heat your conservatory in the winter and cool it in the summer.

Here at Sagars we specialise in conservatory roof insulation that allows you to use your conservatory 365 days a year. A conservatory roof conversion turns a conservatory into a proper room with an insulated roof, which keeps your conservatory a more constant temperature, saves you money on your heating bill.

Also, furniture can suffer from sun fade over time, sometimes without you even noticing. Our insulation system will minimise the affect of those harmful UV rays.

Installed in a day by our skilled craftsmen and guaranteed by Sagars own personal company guarantee for 10 years. What’s not to like?

Click here for more information and contact us to get a quote to help you transform your conservatory into the perfect home office space.

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