10 benefits of foil insulation for a conservatory roof

Interested in upgrading your conservatory and wondering what the benefits are of foil insulation for your conservatory roof?

Interested in upgrading your conservatory and wondering what the benefits are of foil insulation for your conservatory roof? That’s a question we get asked daily here at Sagars, and it’s one we love answering! Conservatory foil insulation can have a transformative impact on your existing garden room, changing how you use the space every day… and how many days in the year you can enjoy using it in the first place! So let’s get straight into our top 10 benefits of conservatory roof foil insulation.

Superior thermal regulation

The main reason homeowners reach out to the Sagars team is because they’ve had enough of a conservatory that they can’t use for much of the year. Traditional conservatory roofs are poor thermal insulators, meaning that they let too much heat escape in the winter and too much of the sun’s energy into the space during the summer. For most, this means a conservatory that’s too hot to enjoy just when your garden is looking at its best, and too expensive to heat during the colder months too. Foil insulation is fantastic at trapping heat, and stops up to 92% of the heat loss you may otherwise see. And for conservatories that are heated by a small electric radiator or heat fan, the difference in how long it takes to heat, and how long that heat is retained, will be instantly noticeable. On the flip side, the reflectiveness of the foil insulation means that when the heat hits your roof, it bounces away from the conservatory keeping it much cooler inside. With temperatures soaring to over 40 degrees this summer - something we'll need to get used to in the future - keeping your conservatory cool has never been more important.

It’ll be quieter when it rains

This may sound like a small benefit, especially if you find the sound of rain relaxing. Still, any homeowner with a traditional conservatory will know just how deafening it can be during a downpour!Conservatory foil insulation acts as a fantastic sound insulator too, meaning you can enjoy the calming sound of the rain from within a cosy space, without feeling like the rain is falling directly inside your ears.

It’s cheaper than tiling your conservatory roof

You may have already researched alternative ways to insulate and upgrade your conservatory, including with a solid tiled roof. However, this option will always cost more. In fact, on average installing a new solid conservatory roof will cost anywhere from £7,000 to £18,000. Foil insulation costs a fraction of the price, but delivers the same internal benefits.

It doesn’t require planning permission

Another huge benefit of foil insulation versus investing more in a tiled roof is that it doesn’t require planning permission. Installing a tile roof on your existing conservatory will inevitably alter the exterior of your building… and it may also change the use classification of your conservatory too. As foil insulation is applied to the inside of your conservatory roof, it doesn’t require any planning permission, so your project from enquiry to completion will take a fraction of the time.

Your space will be transformed in just one day

No one enjoys a home improvement project that requires days of noisy and dusty construction work. Our conservatory roof insulation in the vast majority of cases takes just one day to start, install, and finish. There’s no mess, and minimal disruption to your household and we will leave your upgraded conservatory looking as clean and tidy as when we found it. But don't just take our word for it... take a look at some of the fantastic reviews we receive regularly, not only regarding the quality of our work but the customer experience too. "Installation was quick and effective, installers very polite and cleaned up afterwards""The guys came early. They were well-mannered, courteous and very keen.They obviously knew what they were doing. They worked with a smile on their face and a bounce in their steps. It was nice to see people enjoying their work. Oh, and they did a fantastic job. They explained everything to me as they worked.""Excellent service from start to finish. The two fitters were polite, hard-working and couldn’t do enough to help. Would highly recommend."Take a look at some more of our reviews here!

Save money on your energy bills

This benefit of foil insulation in a conservatory has never been more important. With skyrocketing energy bills, finding any cost-saving measures will make a difference. Traditional conservatory roofs are poor at thermal regulation. Around 80% of the heat you pump into your conservatory will escape through the roof. Foil insulation will stop that heat from escaping and can save you 25% a year off your energy bills!

Your conservatory will look and feel like the rest of your home

Not all the benefits of foil insulation for your conservatory roof are monetary or practical. One of the favourite pieces of feedback we get from our (literally) hundreds of happy customers is how, once their conservatory roof has been insulated and a new PVC or rendered ceiling finished, their conservatory instantly feels like a full-blown extension of their home. It instantly creates a room you will want to use more regularly, and free up valuable space inside your home as you can move your dining table, home office or maybe even TV room into your upgraded conservatory.

It will add value to your home

Savvy homeowners are always looking for ways they can invest in improving their homes, but in a way that adds value for the future too. And conservatory foil insulation can do just that!After all, you bought your house with a conservatory - prospective buyers love the idea of a garden room that connects the home to the outside. And if that space has been properly upgraded so it feels like a proper extension rather than a bolt-on, it will add value.

You don’t have to pay in one go

And finally, if you’re tempted by the benefits of foil roof insulation but don’t have the money to invest in upgrading your conservatory right now, that shouldn’t be a problem. At Sagars, we offer finance from 6-10 months subject to approval, meaning that you can start to enjoy what will feel like a brand new room in your home, without having to save up first.

Insulate your conservatory with Sagars

At Sagars, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners to transform their conservatories from troublesome spaces to favourite-room-in-the-house with our tried-and-tested foil insulation technology. All our projects are guaranteed for 10 years and carried out by our own full-time team of expert fitters. Learn more about the benefits of the Sagars foil insulation system, see before-and-after photos of completed projects, or request a free, completely no-obligation quote right now.


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