7 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your House

We all know that loft conversions and extensions are a great way to add value to your house. But what about projects that don’t take as much planning and expense?

We all know that loft conversions and extensions are a great way to add value to your house. But what about projects that don’t take as much planning and expense? Little changes here and there can really add the finishing touches to your house.

Here are 7 easy ways to titivate, upcycle, and add value to your house.

1. Get Painting Your House

Neutral light shades like taupe can really make your house feel warm and homely as opposed to plain white walls. Green shades in the kitchen and bedrooms can make your home feel more tranquil. Re-painting the doors on your kitchen units can often make a huge difference, and really give your kitchen a more modern feel without replacing the units entirely. Replace the handles to really complete the look.Make a good first impression by giving your front door, and fences, a lick of paint. After all, first impressions really make a difference - poor “kerb appeal” can knock as much as 5% off a property’s value.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting Game

Interior designers will swear by the fact that lighting can make or break a room. Fluorescent tubes should be avoided, they make everything look off colour and can lead to fatigued eyes. Indirect lights that don’t cause glare or shadows should be used in your living room to avoid distraction from your television, whereas more direct lighting is the key for the kitchen and other rooms task-orientated rooms. Also, adding mirrors can make the space appear larger and brighter.Outdoor lighting can really set your house apart from the rest of the neighbourhood in an evening, and is especially useful if you’re illuminating the walk from driveway to front door. Solar powered options can save you having to involve an electrician.

3. Add Crown Moulding or Ceiling Coving

If you’ve ever painted your house, you’ll know that getting a straight line where the wall meets your ceiling can sometimes be tricky. Crown moulding, also known as coving, is one of the simplest architectural elements you can add to bring your living space a lot of character along with a fresh appearance – it really adds refinement and aesthetic appeal and value to your house. Imagine your walls without skirting boards. Crown moulding offers the same finish to your ceiling.Crown moulding can be tricky to cut to the right lengths and install, so depending on how handy you are you might want to get a professional involved. Remember, and uneven job is certainly going to detract from the value of your house.

4. Add Your Own Batten Wall Panelling

If you are bored of your drab walls, and even paint doesn’t quite cut it, a great way to transform them is to add panelling. You can buy packs from DIY stores, and if you want that really smooth look then attach MDF to the wall before you add your panels. Make sure you’ve got a spirit level handy, as you’re going to want to make sure that your panels are straight. They key here planning your pattern beforehand and having a good flat wall, otherwise you might need the help of a plasterer to get a finish you’ll be truly happy with. There are a variety of different styles, even funky diagonal patterns that almost turn your walls into artwork for you to check out.

5. Replace Your Flooring

HSBC conducted a survey and found that decent carpets can increase the value of a house by £1,738. So, if your house has outdated or worn carpets get the measuring tape out and price up what it would cost to replace them.Wooden flooring has grown in popularity over the past few years and can really add a modern feel to your home. Laminate floors look like real wood, but without the problems that mixing real wood in a wet environment will often bring. A high-quality floor will cost more than a carpet but will last longer.

6. Keep Your Period Features

Buyers will pay more for a home with period features. So, if you have them and you like them do not rip them out! Consider restoring or installing picture rails or period fireplaces. Local reclamation yards or even auctions can be a good place to find authentic replacements if the one if your house has previously been replaced.An original staircase brings oodles of charm to any period property. If you discover a stone or brick surface that’s been buried beneath a modern finish, a good clean may be all that’s needed to revive an old floor.

7. Insulate Your Home

The last of the 7 easy ways to add value to your house is insulation. Typically speaking, insulation pays for itself within 5 years as your energy bills reduce. A quarter of the heat in uninsulated homes is lost through the roof. Loft insulation cost around £300 and can save you around £750 over five years.If you have a conservatory, chances are it’s too hot to use in the summer, and too cold to use in winter. Transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round by having your conservatory roof insulated. Fitted in a day, and at around ¼ the cost of a solid tiled roof, conservatory roof insulation could save you £744 per year**according to a Survey carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average conservatory owner uses an extra 4,800 kWh per annum. Which at 15.5p pkw equates to £744 per year!


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