Are conservatories economical?

Are conservatories economical? It is a question we get asked a lot and one that crops up a lot in conversation.

Are conservatories economical? It is a question we get asked a lot and one that crops up a lot in conversation. While there is no simple answer, we have put our thoughts together to share with you.  In this blog post we will run through whether they are, and how to make yours more economical, saving you money and energy in the long run. Economical is a word that we hear and use a lot but it is hard to find one definition for it, when really we will all have our own take on it. What we can say is that conservatories have long-been known for energy leaks and costing a lot of money to heat and cool, that is no secret!If you want to save energy and money on your conservatory then we have a few tips for you to look at, and consider for your own home and household bills.Insulation The first thing to consider to make your conservatory more economical is insulation. Conservatory roof insulation can save you money on your bills as well as making it a pleasant space to spend time. The best conservatory roof insulation will be easy to install and minimal hassle, which we’re proud to offer here at Sagars. An insulated conservatory roof will make your conservatory more economical in the long run, and prices start from around £1,999. Don’t leave it unused!Using your conservatory is a surprising way to make it more economical. You don’t want to be spending money heating and cooling a room that is never used, so make sure you’re showing it some love and enjoying the space you have.Aircon considerations Aircon can be a huge outlay and really bad for the environment, so consider this when planning what to do with your conservatory. That’s not to say that aircon units don’t have their place in the UK, but they’re often not the most economical choice for the budget or for the planet. Which choice is right for you?Making your conservatory more economical is no easy task, and there are plenty of avenues and routes to choose from. If you’re considering conservatory roof insulation for your solution, then speak to a member of the team at Sagars. We are based in the North but can travel to surrounding areas, and pride ourselves on our customer reviews and hassle-free installation. Book a no obligation quote and conversation here, so we can chat about your conservatory insulation.


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