Can you add a ceiling to your conservatory?

Conservatories used to be incredibly popular additions to a property, and homeowners would invest tens of thousands creating sunny new spaces on the back of their houses with great garden views.

Conservatories used to be incredibly popular additions to a property, and homeowners would invest tens of thousands creating sunny new spaces on the back of their houses with great garden views. However, as time has moved on, the way in which we live in our homes has changed. The humble conservatory for many has become a bit of a dead space, often too cold in the winter, too warm in the summer, and not really feeling connected to the rest of the home. That’s at a time when we need more space too, either to create home gyms, a dedicated office, a play room for a growing family, or to add value to their property too. Knocking a conservatory down and creating a brand new, purpose-built extension is very expensive, but one option which is growing in interest is adding a ceiling to a conservatory instead.

Conservatory ceiling: what’s possible?

You can absolutely add a ceiling to your conservatory!There are plenty of options out there too, from completely replacing your conservatory roof with a new tiled structure, to working on the inside of the ceiling and adding new insulation layers completed with PVC tiles or a plastered finish. Read more: How to turn your conservatory into a roomTwo key considerations before getting started though are the structural strength of your existing conservatory, as well as any planning requirements. Older conservatories, and even some more modern ones, aren’t designed to take the weight of a fully tiled roof, so a lighter (both in terms of material weight and for your bank account) alternative would be to focus on insulation instead - more on that later. In terms of planning, usually any internal work to a conservatory won’t require planning consent - though swapping the roof itself from glass or polycarbonate to a tiled roof may require some sort of sign-off. Learn more about that here.

Benefits of adding a ceiling to your conservatory

Covering old polycarbonate or dirty glass with a fresh ceiling - whether that’s PVC cladding or plaster - will make your conservatory feel like a bright extension of your home.Key to adding value to your property, and also to help recoup some of your investment over time, is to insulate your conservatory roof at the same time. This will considerably improve the thermoregulation of your conservatory, meaning it’ll stay warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.Discover the 10 benefits of foil insulation for a conservatory roof here. Conservatories that have been upgraded with new insulation and a fresh ceiling can add serious value to a property for the future too. In fact, we calculated that insulating your conservatory roof with a brand new ceiling as well would pay for itself in just 38 months from money saved on energy bills. And, according to Checkatrade, a well-insulated and high-quality conservatory can add as much as 12% to the value of your property.

Upgrade your space with conservatory roof insulation

At Sagars, not only do we help homeowners create a more comfortable space they can enjoy 365 days a year through our multi-layer foil insulation, but we also finish each project with new PVC cladding or even a plastered ceiling. This helps create a cosy conservatory that also looks and feels like a true extension of the home - and for far less of an investment than knocking it down and starting again. In fact, our projects start from just £1,999 and the majority take just one day to complete! What’s more, we can also install any new ceiling lights you may want to add, and work with any existing light fittings or ceiling fans too. See some before and after photos from our hundreds of happy clients right here.


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