Conservatory getting too hot? How to keep things cool this summer

A conservatory getting too hot, just at the time of year when the garden view is most enjoyable, is a common issue facing many homeowners!

A conservatory getting too hot, just at the time of year when the garden view is most enjoyable, is a common issue facing many homeowners! Almost 2 in 10 homes in the UK have a conservatory, but millions of UK homeowners face the same problem each year - a conservatory that is just too hot to sit in during the summer months (and too chilly to enjoy in the winter too!). So what can be done? Here’s a look at three of the most common solutions to an overheating conservatory.

Release the heat with ventilation

The simplest way to release some of the heat your conservatory soaks up during the day is by properly ventilating the space. During the day, that means leaving windows and doors open where possible to allow (hopefully) cooler air to come in, and the hotter air to vent out. Try and create a corridor for air to move through as well by opening windows and doors on opposite sides of the conservatory. Moving an oscillating fan to your conservatory to help circulate that air around, especially on close days, will help too. If you’re worried about bugs flying through the open windows, then you can look at installing some fly shields on the windows as well - although these aren’t always the prettiest of contraptions! Most important for your conservatory ventilation in terms of cooling though is to keep a couple of windows slightly open during the evening and overnight. This will allow the day’s coolest air to enter your conservatory, and make it more bearable in the morning should you fancy a cup of coffee with a garden view. However, do consider security and whether leaving windows open throughout much of the day and evening will still leave your home safe from intruders, and it’s never advisable to leave windows open if you leave the house either.

Add stylish shade

The next solution is to try and block the sun! Just as leaving your bedroom curtains closed all day in the summer will help keep it cooler for when it’s time to sleep, leaving your conservatory curtains or blinds closed when you’re not using them will help to stop some of the sun’s rays from heating your space. If you have a polycarbonate or glass roof though, this will only be effective to a point as much of the heating will occur through the ceiling. If you’ve tried this method and your conservatory is still getting too hot, then it could be time to look at a longer-term solution…

Proper insulation for long-term heat regulation

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons why your conservatory is getting too hot in the summer is that the sun’s rays are beating down through the transparent roof all day! Traditional conservatory roofs are great for letting in light and creating that airy feeling, but they’re ineffective insulations - meaning all the heat is escaping in the winter, and no heat is being blocked in the summer. Conservatory roof insulation is a fantastic, long-term but cost-effective solution to a conservatory that’s getting too hot in the summer, and is freezing cold in the winter. Sagars’ own multi-layer foil insulation system with UPVC or plaster rendering helps to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays during the summer months, but also captures heat in the winter and stops it from escaping. In fact, our happy customers have told us that their energy bills in winter drop by over 25%!Insulating your conservatory roof also helps your conservatory to feel like another room in your home too and also dampens the sound of the rain. What’s more, the majority of our insulation projects are completed in just one day for minimal disruption to your home. See how conservatory roof insulation can stop your conservatory from getting too hot and other fantastic benefits here. For a no obligation quote and to discuss your conservatory insulation requirements, contact our friendly team on 0800 015 3004 or email


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