How to turn your conservatory into a home office

For those that are not lucky enough to have a spare bedroom floating around it may be the time to reclaim the conservatory, and turn it into the perfect home office space, giving you space away from the noise of the living room sofa.

With more and more of us now working from home, having a dedicated space that you can work in is more important than ever. Upon us is the age of the home office.

For those that are not lucky enough to have a spare bedroom floating around it may be the time to reclaim the conservatory, and turn it into the perfect home office space, giving you space away from the noise of the living room sofa.

Separate work from home

If you barely use your conservatory, then you may want to use it exclusively as an office space. Meaning that you are away from the noise of the living room or kitchen, and have a clear space you can feel productive in.However, you may still want to use your conservatory for entertaining, or to relax in the summer rather than use your conservatory solely as a dedicated office. You could opt to use a dining room table as a desk. Our suggestion would be to take a look at secretary desks, multi-functional products with creative and unique storage space that do not look out of place when not being used for work purposes.If your conservatory looks out over a garden, positioning your desk to face the window is ideal for letting a bit of nature into your home office.

Think about lighting

Natural lighting is one of the biggest benefits of a conservatory, but when working on a PC or laptop screen it can be a hindrance. Think carefully about where you place your desk, to make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight. Install blinds, if you haven’t already, as these will help keep the glare off your screen and give you much needed privacy whilst you work.If you’re going to work after dark, think about having a good desk lamp or standing light that illuminates your desk space. The likes of the BenQ Screenbar sits on top of your monitor, and illuminates your desk without causing any glare to your screen.

Boost your wifi signal

If you are working at a computer all day, then having a strong and reliable WIFI signal is going to be an important consideration. You don’t want to be waiting all day for that webpage to load after all, or have signal dropping in and out of that important meeting.Standard routers do not always perform well through solid brick walls, and working in your conservatory you may have to take this into account. However, Wi-Fi extenders can be used to boost the signal from your router, making sure you have a strong internet connection. Netgear devices would be our go to.

Invest in a decent chair

If you’re spending the majority of your day sitting at your desk the importance of a good desk chair cannot be understated. You may be tempted just to use a spare chair from the kitchen, but these are not designed to be sat on for up to 8 hours at a time.Invest in a proper desk chair, with adjustable seat depth and arms. If you can, invest in a proper ergonomic design with lumbar support to make sure that your back is properly positioned and supported whilst seated for hours at a time. Warning, good office chairs are not cheap – but a worthwhile investment if you find yourself often suffering from back pain.

Conservatory Roof Insulation

The last thing you want is to be working in freezing temperatures in the winter, or sweltering heat in the summer, or the noise of the rain to be disturbing that all important Zoom call. And we’ve all been in that office that is too hot or cold, not nice is it?

How to insulate a conservatory roof?

Here at Sagars we specialise in conservatory roof insulation that allows you to use your conservatory 365 days a year. A conservatory roof conversion turns a conservatory into a proper room with an insulated roof, which keeps your conservatory at a more constant temperature, saves you money on your heating bill.Roof insulation will also keep the glare of your screen in bright conditions, and protect your equipment from overheating. Also, furniture can suffer from sun fade over time, sometimes without you even noticing – our roof insulation system will help prevent against that too.Installed in a day by our skilled craftsmen and guaranteed by Sagars own personal company guarantee for 10 years. What’s not to like?If you’re wondering, conservatory insulation costs can start from £1,999, but you can get in touch for a no-obligation quote. Contact us for more information on how to insulate a conservatory roof and to get a quote to help you transform your conservatory into the perfect home office space.


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