Is your conservatory outdated and is it time for an upgrade?

Outdated conservatories are hard to heat, keep cool, and look and feel detached from the rest of the home. If this is how you’re currently feeling about your conservatory, then this is the article for you!

Conservatories used to be the envy of the neighbourhood when they first gained mass popularity in the 1970s. In 1976 alone, over 10,000 were added to UK homes, and it’s estimated that two in 10 houses in England right now have some form of conservatory or garden room appended to them. Times have changed, and many now see especially older conservatory structures as a bit of a nuisance rather than valued additional space, used more for storage than living. Outdated conservatories are hard to heat, keep cool, and look and feel detached from the rest of the home. If this is how you’re currently feeling about your conservatory, then this is the article for you! Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a conservatory can start to feel dated, and how to upgrade it and become the envy of the street once more.

A comfortable climate

The biggest question we get asked here at Sagars is how a homeowner can keep their conservatory warm in winter, and prevent it from turning into an oven during the summer months.Most conservatories have a polycarbonate roof, which is a fantastic and affordable material, but a poor insulator. It either lets in too much light in the summer which heats the space or allows warmth to escape in the winter with little resistance.If your conservatory gets too hot or cold, that’s a strong indicator that it’s outdated and in need of an upgrade. The main point of focus here should be the roof, as this is where a lot of the heat control isn’t happening. One solution would be to change the roof material entirely, and swap polycarbonate or glass panels for a new tiled structure. However, this tends to be an expensive and lengthy project and could require planning permission. At Sagars, we help customers to improve the climate control of their conservatories by instead insulating the roof they already have. In just one day, we can install conservatory roof insulation to your existing structure, and then create a smooth finish using either PVC cladding or fresh plasterwork. The result? A space that’s usable all year round, and can even save you over 25% on your energy bills. Learn more about the benefits of conservatory roof insulation here.  

Creating a stand-out, yet integrated space

Older conservatories that were added to simply be a garden room and often feel somewhat detached from the rest of the home. This can be because design fundamentals aren’t carried across (think flooring that flows from your home to the conservatory, or wall colours), or that the structure itself is starting to look tired and dated. Conservatories that are a joy to spend time in and add value to your property look and feel like a continuation of your downstairs space. Ways you can enhance this feeling of natural flow include running your downstairs flooring through into your conservatory and painting any plastered walls in a feature colour that complements the rest of your home’s decor. The ceiling of your conservatory has a massive impact on the look and feel of the space too. By insulating and then plastering the ceiling, the whole space will feel like it’s just a continuation of your house.Lighting and furnishings are important features too, with ceiling and floor lamps, rugs and comfortable seating all adding to the feeling that this is a space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Upgrading the conservatory structure

Modern conservatories look smart, but those 10 years or older can start to feel tired - especially if the structure itself is beginning to lose its colour. Popular design choices when it comes to modern extensions and even window frames have seen away with white PVC surrounds with black metal, deep greys and browns becoming more popular. And this is a design trend you can tap into if your conservatory is starting to look a little outdated and you want to invest in an upgrade! Have a look at your conservatory doors and whether modernising these could really change the aesthetic. Then, consider the structure itself. Is the once brilliant white starting to look a little grubby and dull? Painting your conservatory walls or even spray painting the frame itself will deliver an instant, modernising aesthetic.


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