What are the benefits of a solid tiled conservatory roof?

Are you interested in a solid tiled conservatory roof and wondering what the costs and benefits are? Then you’ve landed on the right article!Here in the UK, we love our conservatories.

Are you interested in a solid tiled conservatory roof and wondering what the costs and benefits are? Then you’ve landed on the right article!Here in the UK, we love our conservatories. Around 20% of houses have one in some shape or form. But many conservatories have the same problem - they’re too hot to enjoy in the summer, and icy cold and too expensive to heat during the winter. The source of both these problems is the standard conservatory roof - typically made from polycarbonate or glass which has poor insulation qualities. A solid tiled conservatory roof is a fantastic investment to make in your space and helps alleviate both these problems, whilst also adding value to your home. Though it’s not the only way to better insulate your conservatory!Let’s dive in and take a look at tiled conservatory roofs in more detail, the associated costs, the benefits, and the more affordable alternative solutions available for homeowners.

What is a solid tiled conservatory roof?

Starting with the basics, a solid tiled roof on your conservatory is used as a more permanent alternative to traditional glazed or polycarbonate conservatory roofs. The final result from the outside is an additional room that looks the same as the rest of your home, whilst the inside will have a smooth ceiling-like finish. And there are different solid roofing materials you can choose from, including tiles which can match the other tiles on your home, or other materials like on-trend corrugated metal sheeting.

How are conservatories retrofitted with a tiled roof?

Replacing a conservatory roof with tiles isn’t a simple job. First, you need to ensure that your existing conservatory structure is capable of supporting the weight of a new solid roof. Traditional tiles are heavy too, so you’ll want to research lightweight versions. A contractor will then need to replace your existing conservatory roof frame with one that can hold the new tiles. A surveyor is also recommended to check if any additional strengthening is needed in the walls and conservatory foundations. Finally, you will want to check whether or not tiling your conservatory roof will require planning permission before you start, both to check and guarantee work before it starts and to sign it off, but also to ensure that the ‘purpose’ of your conservatory hasn’t changed.

Benefits of a tiled conservatory roof

This might sound like a lot of work and effort so far, so what are the benefits of a tiled conservatory roof, and do they outweigh the hassle?In short, yes - if you have the budget available (more on that in the next point). Tiled conservatory roofs are truly transformative, turning a bolt-on room into an additional space affixed to your home. It will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer too. A solid conservatory roof will also be quieter when it rains, and more cost-efficient to keep at a comfortable temperature so you can enjoy it all year around. There are also many solid roof material options available, from tiles that can be sourced to match your home’s roof tiles, to trendy alternatives like sheet metal.

Cost of tiling a conservatory roof

The big question when it comes to conservatory roof tiles - how much does it cost?Naturally, there are plenty of variables to factor in here, such as where your house is, how big your conservatory is, how strong the foundations and walls are, and what finish you want…However, on average, upgrading an existing conservatory roof to a solid tiled one will likely cost from £7,000 for a small conservatory to £18,000 for a large one - covering the entire installation cost. This is a significant outlay, but works out around 65% cheaper than building a conservatory from scratch, or indeed, knocking down what you currently have and starting again (depending, of course, on the condition of your existing structure).

What are the alternatives to tiling a conservatory roof?

If you want the thermal, aesthetic and home-value benefits of a solid tiled conservatory roof but without the large price tag, then there is a fantastic alternative. Conservatory roof insulation works by fixing insulated foil and sheeting to the inside of your conservatory, leaving the existing roof in place. This approach is far cheaper and faster to do, typically costing from just £1,999 and can be completed in one day with minimal mess or disruption to your household. Insulating your existing conservatory roof also delivers the same internal benefits too, but without needing to get in touch with council offices or building regulators. Here at Sagars, we are one of the very few roof insulation specialists that will render your new insulated ceiling, and also install new lighting for you too. All work is completed internally, meaning your conservatory exterior remains the same!Your newly insulated conservatory will be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, cheaper to heat AND look and feel like a proper extension of your home.Want to find out more? Here are some of the benefits of conservatory roof insulation, as well as before-and-after photos so you can see how great it looks.


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