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Polycarbonate conservatory roof insulation

Insulating a polycarbonate conservatory roof has a whole list of benefits. As a homeowner with a conservatory, you’re probably fully aware of the limitations that traditional conservatory roofs have. They’re noisy when it rains, they let all the heat out in winter, and cause overheating in summer.

A conservatory roof replacement from polycarbonate to insulated is a great solution to these problems. And with Sagars, it’s quick, built to last with a 10-year guarantee, and doesn’t cost as much as you might think either!

Why insulate a polycarbonate roof?

Conservatories are a fantastic addition to a home and a cost-effective way to add a new room without the expense and disruption of a full extension.

But as conservatories are predominantly glass with a polycarbonate roof on top, they don’t offer the same benefits as a ‘proper’ room.

As mentioned above, they’re poor at regulating temperature. Without any ceiling insulation, warm air escapes in the winter, whilst the polycarbonate roof isn’t effective at blocking the sun’s rays in the summer. The result is many homeowners have conservatories they can’t use for much of the year!

And with many of us now working from home, or just looking for a little extra space in general, issues like rising energy bills, as well as distracting rain noise, are also key factors to take into account when considering whether to insulate your polycarbonate conservatory roof.

Your choice of conservatory roof insulation panel finish

Sagars are unique in that we can transform the look and feel of your entire conservatory roof, inside and out, to make it look and feel like a brand-new structure.

With our conservatory roof insulation inside, you’re reducing your energy bills and producing a much more comfortable environment year-round. 

And with our EcoSlate365, you can transform the look of your entire conservatory from dowdy polycarbonate to premium-looking slate tiles. 

It’s entirely up to you how far you’d like to go with your conservatory transformation! Start with the conservatory roof insulation, or, insulate your conservatory ceiling and transform the roof at the same time. 
PVC Finish
A simple, traditional white PVC finish to your conservatory roof insulation. Our most affordable style.
Plaster Finish
Clean and modern. This smooth finish will make you space feel like a brand new extension - without the pricetag.
With EcoTile365, you can transform the outside of your conservatory too with our lightweight slate-effect tile.

You’re only a few steps away from a conservatory you can be proud of

1. Request an appraisal & quote
Discuss your transformation options with our family team and get a quote based on the size and style of your conservatory.
2. Choose your transformation
Choose from different ceiling finishes including plaster or uPVC, and if required, choose our additional EcoSlate365 external roof finish too.
3. Installation day
Our full-time team will arrive in a Sagars van (you'll know it's us!) and in most cases will complete your transformation in just one day - no mess.

Rochdale, Lancashire

A stunning transformation including our conservatory roof insulation with plaster finish.


A fresh finish for this homeowner with conservatory roof insulation and white PVC panel finish.

What our conservatory roof insulation customers have to say

We don’t filter the reviews you can see below. They’re all 5 stars because we genuinely care about delivering for our customers. We take pride in our work, so you can have pride in your conservatory. 

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